Why Email Doesn’t Work…

Email marketing is all I’m hearing about today,…

Go to any social media sites and all they are talking about is email…

The “Gu Roos” will tell you ….

You need to have great quality content, be informative, make
sure you offer a quality product…do exactly what is said  on the box.
Make sure you use videos …include your photos …so people will open the email.

Your list is the key to success…
email to your list daily, be the authority, the coach,the teacher,be the “go to guy or girl…”

What a croc of SHIT…

I have gained more experience with email than I ever did listening to the “gu rooos…”

Now Advice:

If you want to lose weight …would you go to a FAT doctor?

If the answer is yes, STOP reading…

You see most people listen to advice from the wrong people .

Today the world is full of busy people, and we are always getting 500 emails dropped
into the email inbox per day…

We don’t have time to look at them ….so SCANNING…is the new thing…DELETE..is
always close at hand…

Who wants to read the same old emails?

Let me show you how to make 10000 per month:

Or an “ex -Nutter living on the Moon”…who is making a
Ger-zillion Dollars.

Today people are looking to be entertained…

We have to change the way we follow up to get sales,
And inside we will show you how to create emails that
push people into buying.

Want to learn more?


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