What Not To Do On Safari…


While exploring the depths of the Gambia,we decided there was only one way to take in this breathtaking country: to view this amazing landscape by road.

So we hired an off road machine, a RANGE ROVER….

but (That’s) a joke.

This thing was as old as the ark, built like a death trap,something you would see in a museum. In fact, it looked like it had just done 10 round with mega tron from robot wars.

It’s wasn’t fit for the road,

(more like the GRAVEYARD.)

The sound was unbearable like a MiG­28 fighter plane taking off.

Seriously, this was a death trap on wheels.

So the following morning,I woke up at the crack of dawn feeling bright and breezy.

Had the had the traditional dip in the river, washed my face,fixed my hair with my product, and got ready for today’s exciting experience.

When (your 21, you live for Hair Gel…you always gotta look good for the ladies…

Right fellows?

Today, I’m determined to get the best view, up on top it great, like being on a wild safari.

About an hour passed by and my body ached.It was extremely uncomfortable,
and the noise was relentless…


As I jumped down to join the rest of the crew,


noticed my dad and Peter smirking.


Then they started roaring with laughter…


What’s wrong with you guys ?


“Go and look in the mirror.”


The sand had stuck to me like glue looked like an orange albino. All you could see were the whites of my eyes..


I guess you could save I deserved it, or i just picked up the wrong product.


But I was 21…(you) I was young, dumb and full of myself…but I did still look good.


Today being wiser in my ways,

having my own online business which has allowed me many trips to exotic places around the world…


I hire a quality (motor) vehicle now …AH AH …and I never sit on the top…


If you want to find out how to travel,to enjoy having fun, to spend quality time with

your friends and family, then you must check this out.



PS…Today it’s BRILL Cream…Na not there yet, too busy having fun to get old …

building a business online.Helps with the aging process…lol.

Next time baby.


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