Viral Video Marketing

Viral Video Marketing

Basics of Video Marketing…

Sending your online video marketing efforts into the state of being viral can be a real crapshoot, but attaining viral video marketing is definitely achievable, so long as you’re willing to put in the effort and money to make it happen.  This isn’t to suggest that you can’t create an online viral video for little to no money at all, but as a marketer, chances are that you’re going to need to put in something extra in order to reach that viral Internet movie status.

The Common Way

Notice how most videos on YouTube that go viral are especially catchy, featuring a new song or some individual doing an especially bizarre or humorous thing?  As an Internet marketer, chances are high that you’re not going to fit into this category.  If you’re promoting something, a product or a service, you’re LOOKING to get business from people, and that’s rarely something that’s going to go viral.

If by some chance you happen to be an Internet marketer whose online video marketing campaigns somehow fit into the categories of bizarre happenings, humor, or new catchy songs, then you can definitely leverage this method of viral marketing to your advantage.  If this isn’t what you have in mind or what your business is geared toward, there’s still another way for you to make your online videos viral.


The Incentivized Way

Here’s a cool little trick.  You can create video and post it on YouTube, and explain briefly in your video that anybody who subscribes to your YouTube Channel will be automatically entered to a raffle to win… you name it.  The gift should relate to your audience, though there are general gifts that many people enjoy, such as large flat-screen televisions, deluxe sound systems, or even video game consoles.

So this can get you subscribers, but how can you make a video go viral?  Though a viral video is nice, your goal is more subscribers and more money, so the “viral video” itself doesn’t need to be viral – your contest does.

First, you offer more bonuses.  For example, you can state that a person who also subscribes to your list will get ANOTHER entry into the raffle, doubling their chances of winning, and for every friend they refer who subscribes to your YouTube Channel, another raffle ticket will be added for them, so that those who refer the most people will have the best odds at winning whatever it is you’re offering.


Let me add something right now – you’d better deliver! If you have a contest and you don’t deliver, or you lie and make up some person who wins when there’s no winner at all, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. If you can’t be honest with your subscribers, you don’t deserve them, plain and simple. Deliver on the promised prize, and the bigger and more expensive the prize, the easier it’s going to be to draw people to you.  If you were audacious enough to offer something like a riding lawnmower, a luxury vacation, or even a car, it’ll make people want to participate more, which will contribute toward your video going viral, because they’d rather spend the time increasing their odds than playing it themselves.

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