This Was Puzzling To Me…


Preparing to pursue my online career…but this was puzzling to me.


It was a very difficult time in my life. Sally, my friend’s mum, was now addicted to her passion: crossword puzzles, along with her favorite,the jigsaw puzzle! And believe me, the time never to disturb her is when she is doing a 2000 piece puzzle.


She operates with military precision, everything is arranged on a huge table…refreshments at the ready.


This lady is intense.


It was a Saturday afternoon, and I had just finished my second job as a controller for a taxi firm.

And I guess it was around 5 pm when I arrived home…


Holy shit …


when I opened the door, the place looked like it had been burglar…


Approaching the living room, there was a hole the size of a small fist…in the wall. alarm bells were going off in my head.


Proceeding with extreme caution, I moved to the next room, slowly opening the door to reveal the nightmare.


The sofas were upside down, the chairs upended and spread all over the room,the cushions ripped to shreds…and the dining room cabinet smashed with every single drawer thrown across the room!


It was like BEIRUT.


My first thought was, “Where is Sally?


Is she OK?”


Then, in the dark, I started to notice something strange across the room from me…there appeared to be a small figure, crippled

bent over against the blackness of the wall. And slowly, a dark and small silhouette of a women appeared…


I called out, “Sally, are you ok?”


A soft whisper was returned to “Yes, I’m ok.”

She was now sobbing, I could see tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Are you hurt…?” Through her tears she answered angrily,


“Wayne, there is a piece missing!

I can’t find the piece!”


For a second I stopped in my tracks…how could someone so small turn into this incredible “Hulk” completely destroy her home over a missing jigsaw piece…?


Her question certainly got me thinking so many people online are also missing just “one piece of the puzzle.”

(I’m not talking about the secret.)


Cold, hard facts…

they are desperately looking for the solution to help them solve their problem.


You don’t have to suffer with intense frustration

like Sally did about her missing piece…


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