Are You Spending Your Life on the Highway?

Welcome back


WANTED! Field sales exec.


Wage + Bonus + Company car!


Looks attractive doesn’t it?


Don’t be fooled!


I landed what i thought was my dream job. It had all of the above.


My first week in the job and i was excited. Got a list of my appointments and all i had to do was drive there and seal the deal.


Piece of cake, right?


Less than a week into the job i had an appointment in Birmingham then London then Brighton then all the way up to Manchester and back to London.


OVER 1500 miles and around 20 hrs. I got home at 5am and had to leave again at 6am for an appointment in Bristol.


Not for me my friend.


To me it’s a waste of a life if spent on a highway. Sometimes they’re like car parks. Backed up for miles due to accidents, road works and that’s without mentioning the idiots on the road.


And now, since i started an online sales business?


I cruise around on my motorbike where and whenever i choose. I sometimes take my car out too ;)


Do you want to escape the highway hell too?


Here’s where to go <~~


until tomorrow…




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