Personal Development Blogs

Personal Development Blogs

Personal Development Blogs


If you’re trying to get a hold of your life and embrace some desired self-improvement, then you’re going to need to know where to begin. First, before you go into anything, remember this: you need to be committed to changing yourself. If you’re not committed and completely open to changing, you’re going to make very little to no progress. That said, here are 3 of the best personal development blogs I could come up with which I believe you could seriously benefit from reading.



This website is long-established, and overflowing with personal development advice and information. The owner, Steve Pavlina, has read several hundred books on all types of self-improvement and personal growth and development. He doesn’t talk nonsense or sugar-coat what he’s saying either; he gives his thoughts directly, and if he thinks you’re being a lazy bum for your actions, he’s going to tell it to you straight.

This is an excellent approach for people who have trouble getting motivated, because sometimes you really should be told the direct truth, even in the event that it hurts. Steve goes so far in his personal development blog as to even tell you how you can construct a blog of your own and start earning income from it. All topics considered, this is an exceptional place to start improving yourself.



This is another choice for its variety of content and wide appeal. Steve Pavlina’s website might strike some as offensive or brash in some manners, but this caters to a wide audience in a more friendly way. It may feel a bit less personal than with Steve, but overall there’s loads of wisdom and knowledge to be had here in order to really push yourself to a higher personal level.

LifeHack offers quick bits of day-to-day wisdom, and powerful motivating quotes to help you keep on track. It’s like a pit-stop of sorts, or a convenience store. You can stop in for a quick read and a bit of advice on self-empowerment, or you could pick up some healthy food recipes and smoothie ideas. There’s tons of great stuff to learn from this place, regardless of how much time you have on your hands. If you’ve got a mind that’s open to expanding, check this place out.



This is an up-and-coming website with a growing variety of information that pertains to personal growth and motivation on a level that’s both easy to understand and highly applicable. It’s relatively new, as well as independently owned and operated. For the time being, it’s smaller than the other two websites, though if you’re going into any sort of online business, network marketing, customer service, or even fields that require you to consider human psychology, then this personal development blog is definitely worth your time to check out.

There are plenty of self-improvement blogs out there on the Internet, but consider these three amongst the best personal development blogs we could think of, since they really hit deep in several regards, in areas that are highly flexible and applicable in not only business, but in day-to-day living as well.

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