Never Follow Family Tradition…

My School Kicked Me Out!! with zero, nothing, nada qualification.

Like a little lost sheep, I followed in the family tradition by going into

God, that was pure torture…man…sometimes I would hide
under the stairs to get out of the next shampoo…

I love people, but listening to a complete stranger talking about the
person they are having an affair with, and what they like to do to each other,


A little old lady who is lovely until she sets off on her life story
about the mole on her back, going into every single detail…

And me smiling and just listening intently.

So I quit…

I found out very quickly that I was just a wandering soul, not sure what
direction to follow…

Wanting to pursue a career as an actor, or a singer, but I didn’t
have the funds to support myself on that chosen path.

That’s when someone suggested sales to me, so I gave sales a crack
because that would also allow me the funds to pursue
my dream as a singer/actor.

I started out on a 3k per year salary…but the commission was
insane…in the first year I made 40K, plus two salary Increases…
This was the great for me…

There were however a couple of  issues like working 60­ 70hrs per week,
getting to the stage,being so desperate to see my friends and wanting to
go out for a mad weekend, but the moolah was just too good to turn down.

One of my pet hates is working in the rain. I remember one time when
the sun was shiny.

Suddenly the clouds erupted…talk about being caught out in the cold.

It hammered down.

Now looking like a drowned rat, my body was quivering, soaked to the skin.

My paperwork turned to slush…

Now I’m pissed off.

The saying goes: (It Never Rain But It Pours!)

Meaning if you “suck” right at this moment, you can still change it to the

pathway you have chosen. At this point, I had stumbled onto a
way to completely change my job, my life and I now lead a life of my
choosing…discovering a solution online.

(Discovering a solution online)

Today I am waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing,
enjoying my time eating out with my friends,

Waking up when I finish sleeping,  taking back my life to enjoy

what life was meant to be…figuring out the rest during my life’s journey.

(Figure the rest out on the way.)

Making a decision…Now you can too.


(Now you can too.)



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