Never Been Good With My Hands…

Both my father and brother are excellent tradesmen, both are plumbers…

My dad who is now deceased was completely self- taught, and passed on his knowledge…
to my brother,

He can do most things with his hands.
a real natural with his hands.

Myself  i’m more the creative type.

My brother finished a 5 year apprenticeship with my father, and since
then is now set up for life.

however, am a different story.

I guess you could say I am also a bit of a drifter. I just love to travel,
to explore different countries,  their cultures, etc.

I lived In Holland for a while…that’s a very spiritual place. I was working
in golf shops, bars, was a driving instructor, and of course worked in sales
as well… this list goes on…

So I have gained a lot of life experience, but never believed

I would ever achieve anything in my life.

This led me down some DARK paths in my life.
And becoming so “intoxicated” during this time looking for the quick fix…
The big one, the lottery, the golden ticket… but it nearly destroyed me…

But the biggest problem was GAMBLING…(I am 12 yrs free from gambling)

Meaning Clean not placed a bet…. for 12years not even for a cup of coffee.

(But we’ll save that one for another email at a later time )

Luckily for me, I’m still doing my lifelong apprenticeship online.
5 years is a short time to work on your DREAMS.

I have had many losses along the way, but believe me you
learn more by your losses than you ever do by your wins…
And my Dreams and goals are what keeps me going.

You have to believe in yourself. My brother was lucky as he had

my dad when I started my online business.

I lost a ton of cash.. I did it WRONG…


simply because I was doing it all by myself… I

had life experience but that was not enough.

Today I have partnered with a great group of leaders in the industry.

And you can too…

Don’t be a loner, become a winner.


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