Profiting with Twitter

Profiting with Twitter

How to Make Money with Twitter…


What Exactly Is Twitter?

Twitter is a simple, easy-to-use tool that can help increase your consumer base in
a fairly short matter of time.

Also referred to as a micro blogging website,

Twitter is a place where you are able to start discussions, build relationships, and keep your

followers up to date on the latest happenings within your company.

With Twitter it is easy to keep an eye on what the general public is saying about
your company and enables you to engage in conversations with the top voices in the
industry, also known as opinion-shapers.

These are the individuals that you want to have on your side.


What Are Hashtags?

There are a few tips and tricks you can quickly learn that will allow you to utilize Twitter
to its fullest and begin increasing traffic to your business.

First up is the hashtag (#). This popular symbol can help you brand your name within
the social media circles of Tweet Central. Start a discussion or post a link that will get
people talking and finish it off with a hash tag, such as #awesomeproduct.

You can also search for other conversations in your niche market and find out what
other people are chatting about.

You can then participate in the discussion and offer up your opinion or knowledge on the matter.


What Are Re-tweets?

Re-tweets are today’s version of word-of-mouth advertising. Most companies know
that word of mouth is the ultimate way to get their business out to the public, and social
media sites make this even easier.

One great way to make use of this little gem is to host a giveaway for your followers
and ask that theyre-tweet your content to be eligible to enter.

This gets your company name into many new households and it will also bring in new followers and potential customers.

#FollowFridays! This is a great way to get more exposure and rack up some karma

Every Friday tweeters will post suggestions for businesses, people, celebrities,
etc., that they think their friends should follow. If someone happens to recommend

@YourCompany be sure to show some #love!


Making Money With Twitter Follow Your Competition

Many companies and businesses are hesitant to follow their competitors, but it can
actually do you much more good than harm.

Check out what your competition is talking
about, what their customers are complaining about or giving kudos for,and mold your

business marketing strategies around the information you gather.


Keep Your Tweets Short

One last tip is to refrain from using the full 140 characters in your tweets. You
might think 140 characters doesn’t seem like much,but most people want as much

information in the shortest amount of time as possible. A good rule is to leave about 10 spaces at the end of your tweet.


Reasons To Use Twitter

It seems that the uses for “Twitter” are endless. Restaurants are using tweets to accept and respond to reservation requests; airports use their Twitter feeds to announce
weather delays, and still others are using it to stay on top of customer service concerns.

So, be sure to get familiar with Twitter guidelines and etiquette and get in on the fun. Take advantage of all Twitter has to offer, because you just can’t beat this FREE, proven form of advertising.


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