It’s Better Not to Have Rejection



Rejection is just part of sales, right?


Part of life i guess.


How we handle it determines how much success we may have.


When i first started selling, i was like a machine. Rejection was like water off a ducks back.


Then one day, i was in the house of a young couple and they had bought. They were very happy with their decision then as i was about to leave they changed their mind…


I snapped.


Buyer remorse got them and they wanted to cancel.


I got angry and asked, why?


With that, the husband got angry too and simply said ‘we don’t want it’


I had no idea why i responded like that, i’d never done so before.


It doesn’t matter now because since i switched my career to online sales, i NEVER have to deal with rejection.


And i love it ;)


You could be rejection free too…


Here’s where to take a look <~~


until tomorrow…




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