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Marketing copywriting is an excellent skill for any Internet marketer to have when it comes to writing sales letters, or even to pre-selling an online product or service.  For those who need a basic understanding of the terminology; copywriting comes down to the ability to write in a manner that will evoke an emotional response from your readers, often for the purpose of getting them to invest in or purchase whatever it is that you’re selling.  Read on to get a better understanding.


Pre-selling as an Affiliate

Beginning your online ventures as an affiliate marketer is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the ball rolling for your digital business.  There is a massive stumbling block though, and it’s one that I’d say at least 90% of not only new online marketers, but ALL Internet marketers run into over and over again – and that’s setting up a cheesy website, choosing a digital product to promote, giving a generic review while comparing it to two other similar products, then expecting money to roll in…

There are plenty of flaws with this approach, but the critical one, the pivotal point that will determine whether your visitors even read beyond the title of your page, and that’s the copy of your promotion.

You need to tell a story, weave a tale that the reader can not only enjoy, but truly relate to.  Supposing that you’re promoting a weight loss product, consider who’s reading your blog or website.  Is it elderly women?  Is it overweight young adults?  You need to adjust the marketing copywriting you’ve got on your page according to who your target audience is.

Don’t be cheesy and obviously fake with your marketing copywriting; be thorough, convincing, using creative language that paints a picture for your reader, that shows that you’ve been exactly where they are right now.  Would you buy a weight loss product that’s being promoted by some Internet marketing newbie who’s been skinny their entire life, and is trying to tell you how easy it is to lose weight with this particular product?  Chances are pretty high that you wouldn’t, and that’s because you can’t relate to them, they haven’t been in your shoes.  So paint a picture that really puts you in the shoes of your reader – you’ll be amazed at the responsiveness of your visitors then.


Marketing Copywriting for Vendors

The noteworthy aspect of this is that the manner of copywriting is very similar between affiliates and vendors in regards to promoting products – that being your goal is to invoke a powerful emotional response to a particular target audience – but the critical difference is that you’re no longer building the hype to send a visitor to a sales page; you’re building up hype for a direct purchase.

This is where the transaction takes place; the most reluctant part for any potential customer.  So if you’re going to be an Internet marketing ninja, you need to dig deep into a prospect’s heart and mind if you want to provide a solution and earn their business.  This is how you use marketing copywriting for business, by giving them a powerful, irresistible story that puts the video in their mind that shows how you know what they’ve been through, that you’ve been exactly where they’re standing right now.  If you can do this and deliver on your promise to a solution (Don’t cheat your prospects), then you’re going to maximize your conversion rates and make substantial amounts of money.


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