About Wayne

12188907_10153711090238633_3995959391067877090_nFor the past ten years I  have been involved in all types of sales and marketing; primarily in the direct sales field and various UK-based marketing businesses. My sales experience also includes a background in the cable industry, selling door to door. Cold calling is a specialty of mine as well as telephone sales. As you can tell, I like a challenge!


Because I was successful at sales and marketing, I naturally enjoyed it for a long time. However, as I said, I also like a challenge… so I decided to take my skills and conquer Internet Marketing/Social Media, which also allows me an opportunity to help people – something that really brings me satisfaction.

My Background What I like to do besides help people “live their lives and follow there dreams,” in my leisure time I really enjoy exercising on a regular basis at the gym. I engage in Yoga as well as in meditation 15 min/day, which is an amazing experience. Snooker and golf, a reasonable standard, are my favorite sports. I am fond of traveling and have lived in Holland and Thailand where I learned to speak Thai… …which is an extremely difficult language but fun. My reading list includes books on self-development, copywriting, sales skill, and interesting information. Just so you know, family is very important to me, especially my only brother and my niece and nephew…. I am single and enjoy socializing with friends and family whenever possible.

My Passion

I am exuberant about the Internet marketing business and want others to be as well. One of the most fulfilling parts of my life is helping others realize their dreams. I am not here to do the work for you, but I will help you achieve success by teaching you what I have learned through experience. I truly believe that you can change the way you live your life if you want to, and I can help you. Life is a journey and as the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – so take action!