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When we’re talking about the benefits of social media, we’re obviously not talking about it in the general sense, but more in the sense of Internet marketing.

Marketing through social media offers something that no other method of marketing allows much of; personal connection.  We’re going to go over a few of the advantages of social media so that you can better grasp how to leverage this medium for your own Internet marketing business.


Benefit 01: Social Interaction

Using social media for business gives the advantage of you – assuming you’re a business owner or operator – the opportunity to interact with your prospects directly.

You can become more than just a logo to them, more than a faceless entity that provides services.  You can connect with actual people, and in treating them like people (Rather than just leads, traffic, visitors, prospects, etc.) you’ll set yourself apart from your competition dramatically.

The average individual is used to receiving a poor customer experience.

It’s so common that it’s simply the expectation anymore.

What happens when you call up just about any organization or business these days?  Usually you have to go through a gauntlet of automated phone processes.

This is simply the experience people expect anymore, so one of the greatest benefits of social media for businesses is allowing you – the business owner – to hear what your customers are saying about you, and not only catering to them…

…but speaking with them directly to thank them or remediate an issue or concern they have about your services.


Benefit 02: Fly on the Wall

If you’re an Internet marketer who’s planning on entering a particular market or niche…

…taking advantage of social media can allow you to listen in on other people’s opinions, uncensored, giving you the chance to really cater to a specific need the market might have that other online businesses are failing to fulfill.

Traditionally, companies would’ve paid millions of dollars to get this type of information (and some stupidly still do), when you can get it for free, just by being vigilant and observing what your target market has to say.

This is one of the ultimate benefits of social media, because people on Facebook and Twitter don’t ever worry about being a target of your own personal consumer information gathering.

All they care about is interacting with their friends and expressing themselves online.

Use that to your advantage.


Benefit 03: Traffic

This seems obvious, and it is.

You can bring in very highly qualified traffic from social media outlets.

If you connect to a group of individuals and really position yourself as an expert, an authority on whatever you’re promoting, then you’re going to be seen as such in their eyes.

Not only that, but they’ll like and trust you because you’re interacting with them, rather than projecting an image that they can’t directly respond to and interact with.

The power of social media combines to give you supreme leverage in Internet marketing for your business.  Use social media to expand your reach, build your list, and grow your online business.

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