Advertising Techniques

Advertising Techniques

3 Advertising Techniques That Work Today…


If you’ve been reading my other blog posts then you might have a good idea of a few powerful advertising techniques that bring in results, but if not, then let’s take this time to go over three good marketing approaches that can help you start seeing results.


Advertising Technique #1: Article Marketing


Before you start scoffing at article marketing, consider for a moment that it actually works – because the truth is, it does.


The “trick” to article marketing is to NOT trick people.  Why do you think article marketing methods got a bad reputation to so many people?  Because there were articles, certainly, but there was virtually zero quality.  People began spam posting articles left and right in order to obtain backlinks to their websites.  So if they “ruined” article marketing, how can you use it for more than just backlinks?


First, quality will always stand out amongst garbage.  Writing a powerful, well thought out article on a subject, an article that gives great advice and information that the reader can really use, is the ticket to article marketing success.  Does it sound tough?  It can be, but doing something right is what will bring you success while so many others are just copying one another and spinning their wheels.  So give QUALITY information that the reader can use, and that builds trust, which then leverages into relationship with a potential customer.


Advertising Technique #2: Video Marketing


I did an article on this recently, and on it you’d find that I stress the shift in the public’s focus in regards to ingesting information.


Video is currently one of the easiest because it serves as a platform to teach and inform the average person, because people are generally lazy and don’t want to work to learn what they’re interested in learning.  If you have trouble believing that, just look at monstrously powerful websites like YouTube, and notice how popular they are.  If you’ve been buying info-products over the years, then you probably noticed that most long-form sales letters are going the way of the dodo, and are ever increasingly shifting toward video presentations.


Advertising Technique 03: Paid Marketing


The fastest way to make money online – when done correctly – is with money.  There are plenty of people who are eager to cling to one method of marketing, even while there are multiple very powerful strategies available to choose from.  It’s almost as if some Internet marketers have an aversion to using alternative methods of advertising.  Some who prefer free methods cling to free methods of advertising, just as some who prefer paid methods cling to paid methods of advertising.


Proper paid marketing like CPC, PPV, and banner ads can yield serious traffic for your online business.  So long as your landing page is effectively optimized, and the traffic you’re targeting is suitable for what you’re offering to them, you can make an incredible return on your investment in a very short amount of time.  Just keep in mind that when using paid advertising techniques, you track your data thoroughly.  Tracking makes the difference between long-term success and failure, so don’t let it become a task that goes unchecked.

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