20 Years A Slave…

The Movie is 12 years a slave…

The following is not only a true story, but epic in nature.

The story is about a family man who loves to play the fiddle, and
is quite wealthy.

Before the American Civil War,

Soloman was a free black man who was
kidnapped from his hometown of New York, and then taken to the
south where he was sold into slavery.

This may be surprising to you, but the movie about Soloman’s life was
directed by the great actor Steve McQueen.

This is an extremely powerful movie about Solo’s experience, and
it pushed my brain into high gear.

Today we have our freedom, certainly far more freedom than Solo
had, but slavery still exists today right under our very noses…

Not on the same scale.

Now, many people are a slave to their job, and people in the
workplace are expected to work longer hours with less pay,
to do overtime work for no pay, are told when they can
take a break during the day, and that request for permission
even extends to a (bathroom break)

Now workers may be stopped from taking vacation time, working
weekends, and asked to perform duties outside their job

They work incredibly hard but are often not recognized for their

No wonder the attitude toward their BOSS…SUCKS…
The Aretha Franklin …(RESPECT) has gone…)

So slavery continues to exist in the 21st century,
but it simply…takes a different form.

(I was once a slave to my Just Over Broke…
I was often working extra hours, spending little time

with my family because I had to work weekends…not asked to
work weekends, had to work weekends.

I was “living to work, not working to live…”

Being threatened with a salary decrease just to keep my crappy
Job…they even Audacity to deducted part of my salary for lateness.

I’m sure you can think of a lot more.)

But here is the good news.


I am no longer a slave to my job, no longer one of those

“Solos” sadly enduring each day on the job with little freedom during the day.

With my online business now, I no longer have a boss breathing
down my neck.

Today being completely free to do what is i like…building a successful
Business online…


PS… Be your own boss now, and don’t let other people make any
decisions for you.

You are the only person who can now change your FUTURE.
Make certain for you that slavery is a thing of the past…
take back control of your working life.

Freedom awaits YOU!)

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